In order to work with Stratus Switchboard, your user account must be defined for either Stratus Agent or Stratus Team. Both products have a backend (configuration panel) which defines your user's affiliation to one or several teams (services). As this this step is done once by your (tenant) administrator during initial Stratus product setup, Stratus Switchboard itself will require no additional configuration on your behalf..

Changes in permissions, Agent definitions or Team memberships are made by your administrator. They will be reflected once you re-log out and back into Stratus Switchboard by using the  Sidebar .

Luware Cloud product integration with Stratus Switchboard

Additional Stratus Roles and Permissions

There is no need to specifically "enable" Stratus Switchboard for Stratus Team or Stratus Agent - Agent and Team membership definitions are sufficient. However, an administrator may grant you additional permissions to the Reporting and Frontend side of either either product. Please note that these products use separate apps / URLs and will require you to enter your login credentials as well. 

(info) → For details on Agent / Membership configuration refer to our respective product manuals.

Login affiliation check

Upon login Stratus Switchboard automatically detects if your user is configured as an Stratus Agent or Stratus Team member. When either case applies, the sidebar will automatically show the respective options and change the main view accordingly.

Example: Sidebar showing 2 Stratus products to the logged-in user

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