Stratus Switchboard is part of the Luware Cloud and will operate in conjunction with any of our Cloud Services for Microsoft Teams

Luware cloud onboarding requirements

  • A Microsoft Azure (O365) cloud account is required to log into Stratus Switchboard. If your user account isn't O365-ready yet, talk to your administrator or get in contact with us.
  • Your login needs to be set up for Stratus Team or Stratus Agent, defining you as "Agent" or "Team Member" respectively. This is done by your tenant administrator during the Stratus on-boarding process.
  • Due to the technical setup process with Microsoft the installation is guided. Please get in contact with us to clarify the technical details.

More information and dedicated Luware contacts can be found on our solutions page . Don't hesistate to get in touch.

Daily Operation Requirements

Stratus Switchboard requires the following for daily operation:

  • An up-to-date browser (Edge and Chrome are officially supported). For your convenience, Luware Cloud products can also be installed as a Microsoft Teams-App, using the same UI and functionality.
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768px is recommended. Higher resolutions (HD, WQHD) allow you to fit all important elements on screen at the same time.
  • Microsoft Teams client needs to be running, either as desktop- or web-application
  • To receive calls you need to be on-boarded in any of the Luware cloud products (see chapter above) and signed into Teams

Design Limitation on Microsoft Teams Web Client

The Teams Web Client currently has a known limitation that sends a lot of incorrect status updates especially when refreshing the page in your browser. This has a noticeable impact on how Stratus Switchboard handles Agent presence, availability and reporting features.  

Causes and Workarounds

Microsoft treats web-based Teams Clients presence status changes differently and with seemingly lower priority. The effects include:

  • User sporadically appearing as offline.
  • Spontaneous switch to an erratic presence status which is apparent in logfiles.
  • Multiple status updates within only a few seconds, which increases when user is refreshing the Teams chat window within the browser.

Until this is resolved by Microsoft we strongly advise to exclusively use a locally installed Teams Client App for all productive users of your organization.

Good to know

Luware cloud products will interact but not interfere with the Microsoft Teams client or your online status. Calls, chats or other modalities will continue to operate normally. Being logged into any of our cloud products basically "extends" the usability of your Teams