Welcome to Stratus Switchboard, your Stratus Switchboard solution for quick, easy and efficient call handling via Microsoft Teams

Stratus Switchboard allows your operators to professionally transfer callers to recipients with an easy to use interface. Our cloud-based solution is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams enabling you to take calls right inside the communication platform or run it as a web application in a browser. 

This manual will introduce you to all features of Stratus Switchboard, including some usage scenarios to get you started quickly with some easy-to-follow feature usage examples:

  • Learn more about the user interface, including a consolidated call queue for multiple service lines. As part of the Contact Search your colleagues’ presence state and details are highly visible. 
    Access your contact calendars, 1-click transfer and E-Mail forward are also part of the quick actions in your Contact Search
  • Manage a list of Contact Favorites for easy access. Incoming calls will extend your contact list with suggested forward targets, based on previous calls from that number.
  • Learn how to forward calls quickly - or alternatively - include your internal contacts with either Consultation Calls.
  • Set your team presence with ease and determine call metrics via an easy-to-understand User Interface.