Have you ever been using Microsoft Teams and wondered:

"Why can't we just use Microsoft Teams to manage, forward and distribute our incoming calls?"

With Stratus Switchboard you can fill the gap of call distribution within Microsoft Teams, directly within all of your your employees.  Our cloud-based solution is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams and enables your employees to take and distribute calls directly inside the communication platform itself, or run Stratus Switchboard as a stand-alone web application. Make use of one-click call transfer features while keeping track of a busy day using a consolidated call queue. Be part of multiple service teams simultaneously and check visibility of your colleagues’ presence state and calendars. Stratus Switchboard makes call distribution simple, fast and efficient.

Key Features

Fast to learn and use - all functionality in Stratus Switchboard is just 1 click away, packed into a lean User Interface.

 Easy to manage - check the status of your colleagues and their calendars quickly, search and mark personal favorites while keeping track of your call status with ease - everything is visible at a glance.

 Use anywhere - Stratus Switchboard works in Microsoft Teams or standalone in your browser - the same functionality is always there.

 Part of the team - Be part of multiple service teams simultaneously, opt-in and out with ease. Incoming calls are consolidated in one list, updated on the fly from any team you currently work for.

 Quick on-boarding - Stratus Switchboard is quick to get off the ground. Once you are defined within our cloud solutions - Stratus Team or Stratus Agent (more infos below). The Stratus Switchboard UI will automatically reflect the changes upon your next login. No extra configuration required, as you're automatically ready to go! 

Stratus Switchboard - full Stratus Switchboard call-forwarding functionality directly in your browser

Connect to the Stratus Cloud 

With Stratus Team and Stratus Agent Luware offers two distinct cloud products to fulfill your Team- or Service-Based routing needs. No matter if you're part of a team or acting as specialized Agent - or both - Stratus Switchboard allows you to work like a receptionist with only minimal differences to the UI.

All Luware cloud solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into teams, requiring no further setup on your behalf. A simultaneous interaction between multiple installed Luware Cloud products is also no problem. For instance you can be part of a Stratus Service Team, but also act as Stratus Agent and expert for specific topics within your company during special hours. Any later addition or removal of Agent skillsets, work hours or Team affiliation can be done with minimal impact to your service's daily operation.

Despite a large feature-set "under the hood" the user experience is designed to be lightweight and easy to understand. Forget tedious configuration panels or setups: All you need is a login and you're set. The Stratus Switchboard Sidebar will automatically detect the solutions configured for your account, allowing you to easily switch in-between your tasks with ease.

Want to learn more?

Head to our Getting Started section to learn more about the technical prerequisites and the detailed Interaction with Luware products.