The contact search is used to list and store targets during ongoing conversations in the Conversation Hub. By default the list is empty, but you can define favorites to be shown permanently or wait for recurring calls from the same source last transfer targets used based on the incoming number / caller sip address.

Contact List

The contact list consists of the following UI elements

Contact Search
(Live Search)

Searches through your whole user directory. The list of entries narrows down as you type.

(lightbulb) You can use this field also to call unknown numbers or enter a valid SIP-address.

Contact Columns


Displays the source directory / team / service behind the corresponding contact in form of an icon:

  • Azure / Office 365 Accounts
  • Outlook / Exchange (for standalone mailbox entries)
  • Any Luware solution Service line (e.g. Stratus Team/Agent, Nimbus)

(info) If a modality cannot be used by the corresponding source, the call controls for that entry are disabled.


Presence state according to the target's Microsoft Teams client

(info) When the presence state cannot be resolved or does not apply for that source, no icon will be shown.

NameResolved clear user or service name for the identified contact.
EmailShows the FQDN, email address or SIP-address for the corresponding contact, depending on source.


A contact entry of your choice, "pinned" to be select for future calls.

(lightbulb) You can select up to 7 favorites by clicking the Star Icon  on the corresponding row.

Most popular transfer targets

Changes automatically based on "Incoming" calls in the Conversation Hub

(info) If no targets are shown, the caller hasn't been registered before

Quick Actions

A series of controls that relate to your currently "active" call in the Conversation Hub (where applicable)

Blind Transfer to this contact.
→ Your current caller will be removed from your Conversation Hub.

Attended Call Transfer to this contact.
→  Your current caller will remain in call with you until connected.

Consultation Call with your contact and the caller.
→ Your current caller will be put "On Hold" until you decide to merge or leave.

Send IM to the contact.
→  Opens a Teams chat window

Send Email to the contact
→  Opens your mail client and a new (blank) E-Mail

Inspect the calendar of the contact. 
(info) Only shown when an exchange calendar was found.
(tick) A tenant admin or the user need to grant viewing permissions first.