The conversation hub consists of a series of smaller widgets with focus on handling the the Incoming Call Queue. In conjunction with your Contact Search the hub can cover basic Attended Call Transfer as well as advanced Consultation Call scenarios.

The hub is split in 3 parts: 

  • Top row: Status widgets to help inform you about the most important metrics.  (info) Explained on the User Interface
  • Incoming - to signal any incoming calls distributed to you by the system
  • Active - your current conversation partner (a consultation target, colleague in this context below)
  • On Hold - the person put on hold (usually your external caller)

Each area in the hub has individual, context-sensitive call controls.

Conversation Hub - The central UI element of your daily call routine

The conversation hub has the following call controls: 

TransferDirectly forwards a call. Becomes enabled when you select an entry from the Contact Search
SwapSwitches the caller positions between "Active" to the "On Hold" area
MergeMerges the Consultation Call into a conference between all participants. 
TerminateEnds the call

Put On-Hold

Puts the caller from the "Active" to the "On Hold" area

Good to know

  • Note that merge and switch controls appear in both the "Active" as well as "On-Hold" hub area, but with identical functionality. 
  • Some actions within the conversation hub can be controlled via drag & drop as an alternative method to clicking the controls.

Related Topics

  • Step by step instructions on how to handle the conversation hub interactions can be found in the Call Forwarding Options chapters.
  • Your Contact Search is an integral part during active calls.