The incoming call queue widget lists caller entries across all services that you are currently a part of. 

The following listing criteria apply when you are using Stratus Switchboard as part of another product: 

  • By default the queue will be re-sorted with longest waiting (time in queue) entries on top. 
  • In Stratus Team view the Team Selection filters the visible entries. If you "enable" yourself for a team, 
  • In Stratus Agent the list cannot be directly influenced as the queue distribution is determined by a distribution policy / profile.
  • In Nimbus the list is determined by the "Queue" workflow step activity settings (Broadcast, Pickup or Direct). 

Incoming Call Queue entry

Call Context

Additional context may be provided when a caller is either known in the local directory or infos are retrieved from external Systems (e.g. a CRM). The context is provided on mouse-over and can be copied to clipboard: 

Handling larger Queues

The queue might constantly update with new entries as callers might be returned to the queue after redirects or unsuccessful call attempts (RONA). The queue widgets on top therefore help to quickly identify the most important metrics: 

In case there are more entries in the Queue than able to fit on-screen, a mouse-icon is shown → Scroll down to see more entries.

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