The sidebar is your first point of interaction when switching tasks in Stratus Switchboard. If your user account is tied to several Luware products they  will become available as separate sidebar entries. The screenshot below is just an example showing two products - your view may vary depending on licence and team affiliation.

View Selector with separate entries for Stratus Team and Stratus Agent

Clicking an entry will switch views for you to the respective product or function. Each view will have separate widget arrangements, but the overall concepts for Call Forwarding Options in the Conversation Hub and managing your Contact Search will remain consistent.

(info) All available widgets are explained on User Interface.

Switching views during active calls

Your Microsoft Teams presence and call status (ongoing or on-hold) will persist as you switch views or perform other tasks within Stratus Switchboard. 

Keep this in mind as you might not be always aware of ongoing calls when switching views (e.g. focus away from the Conversation Hub).

Not seeing anything?

When not assigned to any Stratus Team or not (fully) defined as a Stratus Agent you will not see any products in the sidebar. Refer to your respective team lead or tenant administrator to configure your account for the product.

(info) A logout- and login is required for changes to your permissions and roles to take effect.

User Menu

The sidebar also provides you with means to logout and manage your permissions.

User Menu

(lightbulb) Being logged-out from Stratus Switchboard will  not  affect your Microsoft Teams client presence status or in any way. You will also remain available for Stratus-originated calls, just without the Call Forwarding Options capabilities that Stratus Switchboard provides.

O365 Account Switching

Want to switch accounts but can't log out of your Microsoft O365 account? 

When you have checked the "Keep me signed in" option for Microsoft O365 you cannot simply switch accounts because you will be automatically logged into Stratus again.

Try the following methods:

  1. Go to and log off if you aren't already
  2. Go to and log off if you aren't already