The team selection widget provides controls you to quickly set your availability for call selection within a particular service / team.  We also call this "enability".

(lightbulb) This widget is not available when the Stratus Agent view in the Sidebar is selected. Stratus Agent uses call-routing based on individual Agent skills (traits) and not teams.

Team Selection Widget

Setting your enability / active state

(tick) Recommended: Inform yourself which team has a large queue before setting yourself as "disabled". 

  1. Simply use the toggle controls in the "Enabled" column to set your "enability" state.
    → The toggle and pie chart update to green status accordingly
    → Note that your Incoming Call Queue will update and reflect all callers according to your enability
  2. Ensure that your Teams presence is set to "Available" in order to receive calls for any service that you are "enabled" for.
    (info) The "Attendant State" widget in the User Interface should now turn to "Active" green.

Reporting Access

Stratus Team also has reporting dashboards for your assigned teams. A link at the bottom will lead you to your Stratus Team instance.

(tick) Precondition: A separate login will be required to access the Stratus Team UI. You need to have the "reporting" role permissions from your administrator to access this part.

For further details on Reporting refer to the reporting section of the Stratus Team knowledge base.