Today we are proud to finally launch our BI Knowledge Base. At launch you can find over 50 completely revised pages full of technical details and backgrounds on how Luware products store and evaluate session records.

Please note that this Knowledge Base makes use of content variants which shows or hides information based on your preference:

  • LUCS (also includes Stratus Agent)
  • TM (also incldues Stratus Team)

Please make sure to select the product you are using to get the information required:

(lightbulb) The contents of this Knowledge Base are based on our existing "Reporting V3.4" document which will be continued digitally from now on, following every major release of our Products.

First time here?

Here are some entries to get you started: 

  • The Introduction gives you an overview of the contents to find in this Knowledge Base
  • Existing BI users might want to check out and bookmark the change history.

(question) Looking for BI Reporting information specific to one of our products? Head to the following pages: