KPI measures are used in various reports: Excel, Power BI and Power BI Paginated. Those KPI used to present different aspects of Call Center performance.

* Color code from Nimbus - Bright Color Guide:  https://xd.adobe.com/view/50c9a6f9-69e3-4c24-49a0-d2416758bf0d-26f8/screen/d380fb2a-3a78-4c2c-8a2e-992f5605ae09/

Service KPI

Service KPI used by call center managers to view and analyze general service performance, help to adjust service settings and traits. Some standard questions:

  • How many tasks accepted by my Service?
  • How many tasks were Handled?
  • How many tasks hang-up in queue?
  • What is quality of service? Do I keep SLA?
  • Average Queue time.
  • Compare Services between each other.
  • Compare Service performance between multiple time periods.
  • Understand possible issues

Task KPI

Agent KPI used by call center supervisors to view and analyze Agent performance. Some standard questions:

  • How many tasks agent handled?
  • How many tasks agent not handled (missed or decline)?
  • What is acceptance rate?
  • What is transfer rate?
  • Agent time distribution? Work/ACW/Ready/Not Ready