A Tenant is a branch of the organization tree. By assigning a Organization Unit Tenant role you can enable a user to work independently within the branch without seeing other data. It is possible per Tenant to:

  1. Configure Push into a remote database
  2. Configure Reporting cleanup

Create Tenant

To create a Tenant use the following stored procedure: [etl].[usp_CreateUpdateTenant]

This stored procedure has 2 actions:

  • SELECT organization unit tree
  • CREATE Tenant from the organization unit tree

The @RootOrganizationUnitId input parameter is equial to the OrganizationUnitId of the Tenant when you create or select a structure.

(warning) The GUID '880D7BC0-4BDD-4642-ACB1-293149A06236' is the reserved RootOrganizationUnitId of System level and shouldn't be used.

Example 1: Select OU unit below System OU

This is useful as an observer organization structure and select one of the OrganizationUnits below for Tenant creation.

EXEC [etl].[usp_CreateUpdateTenant]

@RootOrganizationUnitId  = '880D7BC0-4BDD-4642-ACB1-293149A06236',

@Action = 'SELECT'

Example 2: Create Tenant for OrganizationUnitId

The following ID is an example how the RootOriganizationUnitID is to be used.

EXEC [etl].[usp_CreateUpdateTenant]

@RootOrganizationUnitId  = '2A45A4C2-C072-4376-A126-BDC5E07A055B',

@Action = 'CREATE'


Tenant details are listed in [etl].[Tenants] table.

SELECT *FROM [etl].[Tenants]