This page describes the Historical Reporting. The content is written in two variants for the following Luware products:

  • LUCS (applies also for Stratus Agent)
  • TM (applies also for Stratus Team)

To view the correct content, make sure to select your correct product version and variant, located in the top menu.

How this Knowledge Base is structured

  • A general description of Luware data storage concepts.
  • Explanations on our dimensional models, how our data sets are structured
  • How we distinguish sessions and various (Customer / Agent /Service) tasks handled therein
Data Access
  • Tenant and Role Based Access Model
  • Facts and Dimensions
  • SQL database access and roles / permissions
  • Database maintenance and performance upkeep
  • Reporting data cleanup and purge procedures

Further Resources

This knowledge base focuses heavy on theory and technical backgrounds of Luware BI Reporting. If you are looking for a daily hands-on approach - e.g. how the Frontend Reporting UI and historical Report files work in each product - please visit the respective product knowledge base. Here are some entry links to get you started:

Luware Contact

When you already use Luware products, chances are that you are already in touch with a BI representative. For any other inquiry, don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales and support team (links also located at the page bottom). 

You can reach us via the following means:
Support Hotline CH+41 58 404 2807
Support Hotline DE+49 711 8998 9621
Support Hotline UK+44 20 3300 2751