How this content is structured

  • A general description of Luware data storage concepts.
  • Explanations on our dimensional models, how our data sets are structured
  • How we distinguish sessions and various (Customer / Agent /Service) tasks handled therein
Data Access
  • Tenant and Role Based Access Model
  • Facts and Dimensions
  • SQL database access and roles / permissions
  • Database maintenance and performance upkeep
  • Reporting data cleanup and purge procedures

Further Resources

This knowledge base focuses heavy on theory and technical backgrounds of Luware BI Reporting. If you are looking for a daily hands-on approach - e.g. how the Frontend Reporting UI and historical Report files work in each product - please visit the respective product knowledge base. Here are some entry links to get you started:

Luware Contact

When you already use Luware products, chances are that you are already in touch with a BI representative. For any other inquiry, don't hesitate to get in touch with our sales and support team (links also located at the page bottom).
Support Hotline CH+41 58 404 2807
Support Hotline DE+49 711 8998 9621
Support Hotline UK+44 20 3300 2751
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