With Power BI Embedded functionality you may browse Power BI reporting inside LUCS frontend.

There are steps to be done:

Finally the embedded frame will look like this:

Service_Embedded.pbix is template report with five pages, provided by Luware in order to be published into company Power BI Service workspace and available using web browser for your customers or your organization.

Embedded report data flow

Data is published from you internal LUCS database via On-premises data gateway to Power BI Service https://app.powerbi.com into you company workspace.

Data flow from local database to LUCS FE through Power BI Service is shown on schema below.

License and security

Please keep in mind that copy of your data will be hosted outside you company network on the Microsoft servers. This fact has following considerations:

  1. Using Power BI embedded functionality require additional expenses, not covered by Luware.
  2. Microsoft is responsible for your data safety and security.

You need: