(question) What are paginated reports in Power BI Premium? Paginated reports are designed to be printed or shared. They're called paginated because:

  • ... they're formatted to fit well on a page.
  • ... they display all the data in a table, even if the table spans multiple pages.
  • ... they're called pixel perfect because you can control their report page layout exactly.

Example of a paginated report

Publishing paginated Reports to Power BI service


  • You can upload paginated reports to your "My Workspace" are or any other workspace, as long as the workspace is in a "Premium" capacity. Look for the diamond icon Power BI Premium capacity diamond icon next to the workspace name.

  • If your report data source is on-premises, you need to create a Gateway after you upload the report.


After fulfilling the preconditions, follow this for the step by step guide to publish your paginated report to Power BI Services.
→ After publishing the report becomes available online and can be shared with other users.

Database connection

Just like any other Power BI report, if the report data source is on premises, then you need to create or connect to a gateway to access the data.

See the Power BI service article What is an on-premises data gateway for details and next steps.

Paginated reports in Power BI: FAQ

This article answers frequently asked questions about paginated reports:


For further infos on paginated reports and their specific details for each of our products, refer to the following entry pages:

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