To monitor customer path and see which parameter value was selected during workflow execution new "CustomerPathParameter" attribute were added to "CustomerPath" slow changing dimension.

To see saved data run the following SQL statement :

EXEC [Reporting].[usp_GetDataSet] @DataSet = "ParameterValue", @Version = "3.4.1"

To receive the required data the following steps have to be done:

  1. Define new "Non-System" parameter. Add #CustomerPath tag into description.  Only if parameter description contains tag "#CustomerPath" parameter value will be included into customer path.

  1. Configure a workflow with "Save to Parameter" or "Save Parameters to DB" activity on Workflow tab (LUCS Configurator ->Workflow -> Workflow Structure)
  1. To configure "Save to Parameter" the next fields have to be filled:

    Property Name


    Parameter to set

    Dropdown List with available "Non-System" parameters. There are three options to define:

    • Any custom value
    • Parameter that exists in the system
    • Placeholder

    Regex to apply before the set

    User is able to set his own regular expression to define which part of the "Value to set" is stored in the "Parameter to set".

    Save for Reporting

    Boolean value that defines :

    • True - save value to DB
    • False – do not save value to DB

    Value to set

    The value to be stored into the parameter.

  2. To configure "Save Parameters to DB" the next fields have to be filled:

    Property Name


    Pararmeter(s) to save

    Allows to define which parameter(s) will be stored in DB when the activity is performed (ParameterId, SessionId, ParameterValue). In WF recommended to use in combination with "Collect Customer Information" activity.
    If a "non-system" parameter is set and "Collect Customer Information" activity isn"t present the default value of parameter will registered in DB.

    The following exits are possible:




    The provided parameter(s) will be stored in the DB.


    Exit for an error case.

  3. Assign the workflow to a service and make calls
  4. To send data to the report run Data Loader

    EXEC [Reporting].[usp_DataLoader]
  5. Refresh your report file to query (e.g. LUCS_CustomerPath_PowerQuery_3.4.xlsx) and check the data.