You can define your own custom parameters to use within workflow elements and workflow instances or as Service context. They provide more flexibility in the creation of complex workflows or sending CRM data. 

The ‘Parameters’ page is accessible on Settings -> Service section -> Parameters

WebConfigurator - Service Parameters Page

The 'Parameter' page contains the following settings:

Control NameDescription


Parameter name.

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit  to which the parameter will be assigned.


Specify parameter’s template in format: %ParameterName%.

Default Value

Specify a value that the will be used if no data was entered.


Specify a parameter’s name which is used in workflow activities.


·         Set to ‘true’ to make the parameter value be absent in log files.

·         Set to ‘false’ to make the parameter value be present in log files.

The check box is ‘false’ by default.


Short description about parameter.

Delete Parameters

(info) LUCS comes with a selection of "System" level parameters which cannot be deleted. 

To delete a custom parameter, select it in the list and press "Delete". 

Deletion of parameters in use is not possible and the delete-button is greyed out. Hold your mouse over the delete-button to see where the parameter is used.