To add a mail service click '+ Add' button and select the Mail Service

  1. Type: Select a Mail Service type:

  2. Template: You can use an existing Mail service or create a new one. Settings can be adjusted manually later during the wizard.
    (info) If template is set, on the next steps it can be adjusted manually as well.

  3. Common: Fill out all the required fields to go to the next step. Fields are explained here

  4. Skype: On this step the user can fill out data related to Skype for Business area. Fields are explained here

  5. Mail Context: Configure or adjust the mail context information. Refer to General Service Settings and Service Call Context for details on fields. 
    (info) If a template was selected, the service may be created by using "Finish". Otherwise, follow the next steps.

  6. Distribution: Fill out data related to distribution mail call area. Refer to Mail Services Distribution for details on the fields. 

  7. Extended: On this step the user can fill out data related to a codes area. 

Click on 'Finish' button to conclude the service addition. There is an option to go 'Back' on each step and change settings before editing is finished.
→ After the 'Finish' button is clicked, you may choose to add another service or close the wizard.