Functions of the LUCS API are distributed in the following endpoint categories:

  • External Tasks
    • Description: External Tasks can be any kind of tasks like Emails, Social Media messages or any other kind of tasks that can be sent to the LUCS system through the API.
      The benefit of this function is that external tasks can be assigned and distributed to LUCS Agents using existing Distribution and Trait configurations.
    • Functions: Create New, Get information about existing tasks, Find Tasks of specific Users
  • Service Tasks
    • Description: Get information about existing Service Tasks in the system.
    • Functions: Create New, Get information about existing tasks, Find Longest Waiting Task, Find Tasks of specific Users, Transfer Tasks, Terminate Tasks
  • Callback Tasks
    • Description: Callback functions allow to create or cancel Callback tasks and get status updates during callback task execution.
      Callback requests can also be created with the corresponding Workflow Activity in LUCS workflows or directly by a Supervisor in the LUCS Front End. 
      Functions to get Callback task information or cancel a callback task support all types of Callback requests.
    • Functions: Create new, Get Internal or External Callback via ID, Search for Callbacks
  • Users:
    • Description: User functions provide options to manage and maintain user configurations through the API (create, read, update, delete). 
    • Functions: Create New Users (Single, Copy or Apply template from other users), Set Presence, Block and Unblock for selection, Delete Users
  • Service:
    • Description: Get Service identification information through the API. This function is used to identify Services in the system and doesn't provide any Service configuration data at the moment. 
    • Functions: Get specific Services by ID, Count overall Services in the System, Get all Services from OrganizationUnit
  • OrganizationUnit:
    • Description: Get OrganizationUnit information through the API.
    • Functions: Get all OrganizationUnits, Get details of single OrganizationUnit