On each machine where LUCS product will be installed run the installation of the SfB Server Deployment Wizard

  1. Select Install or Update SfB Server System in the SfB Server – Deployment Wizard.

    SfB Server Deployment Wizard
  2. On the next page run Step 1: Install Local Configuration Store and follow the steps.

    SfB Server: Install "Local Configuration Store" Steps

    SfB Server: Install "Local Configuration Store" choice

    SfB Server: Finishing step of "Local Configuration Store" installation

    → After pressing "Finish" you will be brought back to the "SfB Server Deployment Wizard". 

  3. Proceed with Step 3 Request, Install or Assign Certificates.

    SfB Certificate Wizard (Step 3)

    (warning) The ‘Run’ button is disabled if the machine is not registered as a trusted application pool on SfB Server machine. → See "Registered Trusted Applications Script" chapter above.

  4. In the Certificate wizard click on Request button and follow the instructions.

    SfB Server: Certificate Wizard

    Certificate wizardCertificate request
  5. Click on "Advanced" to configure additional "Subject Alternative Names" SAN → A "Configure Additional Subject Alternative Name" Dialogue opens
    1. Add entries for the Trusted Application Pool FQDN and the Server FQDN for each pool member service

      <Screenshot here Unknown User (mwenzler)>

      SfB Server - SAN for Trusted Application Pool FQDN and Server FQDN
  6. After the certificate was received and assigned, open Services and make sure that SQL Server (RTCLOCAL) is present and running.

    Services: SQL Server