Risk of infrastructure malfunction / Service interruption!

Caution is advised with performing the procedures described below. Not adhering to the steps may lead to loss of data or infrastructure malfunction. It is highly recommended to have these steps performed by Luware-trained administrators only.

If you are uncertain about these procedures, don't hesitate to contact Luware support

An Upgrade from previous LUCS versions may differ slightly in between versions. However there are 4 basic tasks to remember:

1Prepare Upgrade
  1. Take notes of LUCS names and adresses
  2. Prepare new Setup files
  3. Create Backups
  4. Uninstallation of Old Components
2Perform Upgrade

  1. Agent Assistant Updates
  2. Newer Versions
  3. Upgrade AA
  4. Upgrade Database
  5. OLAP Install and Update
  6. Install new LUCS components
  7. Destination Folder
  8. Certificate Security
  9. ICH Installation Specifics
  10. CIC Installation Specifics
  11. FE Installation Specifics
  12. API Installation Specifics

Verify Upgrade

  1. Verify Topology Data
  2. Components
  3. Trusted Application Pools
  4. Server (System) tab
  5. Services tab
  6. Licence Check
  7. Quick-Check your license information
  8. Start LUCS Components
  9. Starting the Services
4Situational Installation and Upgrade Tasks
  1. Active Directory Configuration
  2. System Administrators AD-Group
  3. SystemAdminustratirGroup Configuration
  4. SystemAdminustratorDomain Configuration
  5. Organization Unit Updates
  6. Service Log Cleanup
Upgrade Tasks