Not Ready Reasons (NRR) can be used when you are not able to handle service calls, for example because you want to take a break or have to attend a training course. In most cases NRR's are linked to the Lync/SfB state "Away". Depending on your agent configuration it is also possible to have NRR's with the state "Busy". This is only the case if your user is configured to not receive Service Tasks if you are in the busy state and NRR's for this state have been configured.

Switch to “Away” by choosing NRR

If you are unable to answer calls, a “Not Ready Reason” can be selected. Simply choose from the list of assigned “Not Ready Reasons”. The “Not Ready Reason” is included in LUCS Reports.

Select NRR after being “Away”

If your Lync/SfB status changes to “Away” you will need to select a “Not Ready Reason” when switching back to “Available”. In this case a Popup shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen.