These pages will give you an overview on how Luware reporting interacts with Power BI in its local and cloud variants.

(lightbulb)  Power BI itself is supported by Microsoft. We highly recommend reading the official Power BI User Documentation by Microsoft as UI elements and procedures described below may change.

Introduction to Power BI

Microsoft Power BI are interactive data visualization BI tools that connect LUCS data and present it with own user interface for conversation center reporting. The interactive interface provides the ability of deep data analysis through variety of widgets, representation capabilities, hints with additional information, filters, clickable objects (that can also work like filters), etc.

Power BI Example Report

Power BI users are able build own reports and use reporting templates provided by Luware:

  • Service Reports

  • Agent Reports

  • Customer Reports

Power BI Desktop and Power BI Cloud

There are two Power BI tools – Power BI Desktop and Power BI Cloud (Service). (info) See official Microsoft documentation for cloud services. 

Power BI Desktop:

  • is intended to create and design reports with widgets of different kinds

  • can publish the created reports to the cloud, where other reporting supervisors may view them (when publisher provides them rights)

  • can be used also to see the reporting data, but it may be inconvenient, because file is in editing mode during the view

  • is free application

Power BI Cloud:

  • view published reports for the publisher (license according to Microsoft rules)

  • view published reports for other reporting supervisors (license according to Microsoft rules)

  • create own dashboards from the widgets of the published report

The document uses next terms for the LUCS reporting supervisors:

  • Creator – reporting supervisor, who creates and designs the report. Usually he has the majority of rights

  • Publisher – reporting supervisor, who publishes the report in Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Cloud

  • Viewer – reporting supervisor, who views the published reports in the Power BI Cloud

Power BI Data Access Permissions

Depending on your choice for using either Cloud or Local Power BI, the account and file access is handled as follows:

Power BI Account Security interaction

Power BI Cloud (service)

Power BI Desktop (local)

  • works with Microsoft account

  • requires LUCS reporting supervisor permissions for the Microsoft account 

  • the LUCS reporting supervisor permissions of the viewer are applied as the second level of data security → see role-based access

Supervisor A does not have permissions for OU 2 and Supervisor B has permissions for OU 2.
Supervisor A creates a report, publishes it and provides the access to it for Supervisor B.
Supervisor B will not see data of OU 2, because Supervisor A was a report publisher and did not have permissions for OU 2.

  • works with integrated security

  • requires LUCS reporting supervisor permissions for the Microsoft account

  • the LUCS reporting supervisor permissions of the publisher will be applied as the first level of data security → see role-based access

  • the publisher allows to see the published report for viewers

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