LUCS Frontend walls can be created by administrators to display service information either in team or publicly-wide dashboards. Walls use the same Frontend Widget concepts as your personal home screen and  but do not allow manipulation or interaction from outside

Be careful with sharing sensitive information on walls with "System" Organization Units . There is no dedicated per-user restriction in the contents shown. All walls that are set on "System" level to all users (including anonymous visitors!).

(info) When you need to organize information just for your personal use, refer to Widgets Groups instead.

Walls Overview

Walls are organized in an overview. Every user (even logged out) that has access to the Frontend will be able to view the existing walls in this overview. 

Main Walls Page

Adding and Customizing Walls

You can add a new wall with the "Create Wall" button located at the bottom right

When opening the Walls menu with Administrator user rights, the following warning message is displayed:

'Every change will affect the current Wall'.

This informs you that walls are shared across users. Changes will be immediately reflected as you save the wall. 

The "Wall Details" pop-up will open and provide the following controls:

LUCS Frontend - Wall Properties Pop-Up

The 'Wall Creation' pop-up contains the following controls:

Control Name



Wall Name -  will be shown as main title of your wall.


Short wall description. Will be shown below the name. 

(info) MAX LENGTH: 100 chars


Organization Unit under which this wall will be available under. 

(warning) Walls set to "System" level will be made publicly available, including anonymous Frontend visitors.

Language Menu

Allows to set a language for the wall:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Fran├žois
  • Italian
  • Netherlandish

(info) The selected language for the specific Wall will be applied and visible for Anonymous user only. Logged-in users application content is displayed in their language selected in Frontend Settings.


The selected color is applied to the new created wall:

  • Blue (default)
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

Acts as background if no image is set (see below).


Allows you to upload a thumbnail to be used as background for the wall preview card.

Adding and Editing Wall content 

Walls are edited in the same way as Frontend Widgets and Groups. Visit the Widget Types page to learn more about widget availability and functionality.