Goal: To configure a workflow to include Callbacks
Complexity: Low
Preconditions: Administrator rights, LUCS WebConfigurator open

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To reduce customer queue waiting time when waiting for an agent LUCS can create a callback task . The customer also has opportunity to leave an alternative callback number, so an agent can easily reach him.

(warning) Note: Full access to all properties (and the workflow policy) described in this Use Case is only possible via LUCS Configurator

Workflow Structure Configuration


LUCS Configurator -> Workflow -> Workflow Structure


WebConfigurator / Workflow Instances Inbound

Open your desired workflow structure and add a "Create Callback Request" activity. 

 A "Create Callback Request" activity has been added.  

Note: this step can be 

2Callback Request Properties 

Now the "Create Callback Request" activity properties need to be configured

Defines how many times a unsuccessful dial-out is retried

Defines minimum time between retries of unsuccessful dial-outs

List of custom parameters that contains an alternative callback number.

Dropdown which offers the different priorities

3LUCS Configurator -> Services -> Services tab

Now the workflow instance can be assigned to any service on the Services tab

(tick) The ‘Direction Type ‘for the service has to be changed from Inbound to InboundOutbound.

4LUCS-FE -> Settings Menu -> Widgets -> Reporting -> Callback Tasks

All the active callback sessions can be checked in LUCS-FrontEnd via the ‘Callback Tasks’ widget.

(tick) To get access to information about available callback tasks go to LUCS-FE -> Settings Menu -> Widgets -> Reporting -> Callback Tasks and press add (+) button.

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