If LUCS SSRS Reporting is used then the SQL Reporting Services needs to be installed.

Deploy SSRS Reports

To deploy SSRS report you need the following items according to checklist:

  1. A deployed LUCS database
  2. Installed and configured SQL Server Reporting Services
  3. 02_SSRS subfolder from LUCS Release folder copied to the server with SQL Server Reporting Services
  4. LUCS Database Updater installed on the server with SQL Server Reporting Services

To deploy all LUCS SSRS reports do the following:

  1. Open Reporting Services Configuration Manager and take Web Service URL, (see Screenshot below)

    SSRS Configuration Manager: Web Service URL
  2. Open LUCS Database Updater
  3. Fill in: Server Name, Database name, User name or Integrated Security settings the same way as it was done during deploying LUCS database
  4. Expand section SQL Reports. Fill in:
    1. Sql Reporting Server – Web Service URL (see point 1)
    2. Root path – Path on SSRS server, where deploy reports. (upater will deploy reports under root path into LUCS folder, e.g. if / is used as root path, reports will be deployed into /LUCS/)
    3. Reports path – use browse feature and select folder with release version of SSRS reports (02_SSRS)
  5. Click Create/Update button
    → After a couple of minutes you should see output as below (example) with message "command completed successfully"

    LUCS Database Updater: SQL Reports deployment

Assign permissions for SSRS Reports

To browse SSRS reports a user needs to have two sets of permissions:

  1. Browse permissions for SSRS reports
  2. Execute reporting stored procedures in LUCS DB

(lightbulb) We suggest creating (or use existing) domain security group which contains all user accounts, who use SSRS reports (e.g. DEV\SSRS Browse), and assign necessary permissions to that group.

Browse permissions for SSRS reports

Browse permissions are required to open SSRS web page with list of the report and open reports themselves. Follow these steps to grant them: 

Reporting Services Configuration Manager: Report Manager URL
  1. Within SQL Server Configuration Manager, open Report Manager URL (see screenshot of URL)
  2. Click Folder Settings, of SSRS Home 

    Report manager: Home settings
  3. Click New Role Asignment button
  4. Insert domain group name (e.g. DEV\SSRS Browse), select Browser check box, and click Apply
    You should see your group in the list with Browser permission assigned

    Report manager: Assign Browser permissions

Assign execute reporting stored procedures in LUCS DB

Execute permissions are required to retrieve data using stored procedures from LUCS database. Here is how to grant them: 

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Create a new SQL server login for a domain group (e.g. DEV\SSRS Browse). Use windows authentification

    SQL Server Management Studio: Create new login for domain group
  3. Create database user mapping for LUCS database and assign Public and LuwareSsrsReporting roles

    SQL Server Management Studio: Assign Permissions to execute SSRS procedures

Browsing report

After assigning permissions, you need to place domain users who need to browse SSRS reports into the domain group (e.g. SSRSBrowsers).

(info) After login to Reporting Web Service URL the reports will be available int the "LUCS" subfolder.

Web Service URL: Report List Example

Don't forget to grant "Supervisor" permissions to the users accessing the reports. → Role Based Access - RBAC