Goal: How to install LUCS from a blank slate (Quick Checklist)
Complexity: High
Preconditions: System environment preparation is done, AD Server is running

→ Also see the related Use Case: Basic System environment

1Skype for Business ServerSfB Server Installation and Setup (required)Skype for Business Server is running
2LUCS Database CreationDatabase creation (or → How to Upgrade)LUCS Database is installed
3Application ServerPS Installation (required)
PS service starts properly / Application Server can connect to LUCS database
4Application ServerLUCS Configurator Installation (required)The LUCS Configurator starts just if PS Component works correctly
5Application ServerLUCS Components Installation (as needed)AC, AM, CI, CIC, CR, FE, ICH, FE, API and WebConfigurator are installed
6LUCS Configurator → HomeApply LUCS LicenseLicense is uploaded and LUCS Configurator "Home" tab shows the license information
7LUCS Configurator → TopologyBasic Topology ConfigurationFrontend Pools, Trusted Application Pools and Server(System) tab are filled out in LUCS Configurator
8LUCS Configurator → Topology

Further Topology Configuration

  • Configure the tab "Component Defaults"
  • Register the single components under "Components (Server)"
All components of all servers are added and configured
9SfB Frontend ServersInstall SMD ComponentSMD is installed on all SfB Frontend Servers and starts properly
10Application ServerStart the remaining LUCS Services and check Event ViewerAll LUCS Services are started and work properly

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 013