– LUCS 3.3.2 Bugfix and Feature Release

TypeOTRS IDIssue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactFixed in DB / Setup VersionAffected Components


2414556 82399 B: Classic Agent Assistant - ACW stuck for extended period of time

Publishing the presence state after ACW works correct. 

ACW window doesn't get "stuck" anymore.



-50643 B: Configuration - Argument Exception WI on click to "Authorization" field If in imported WI-file "ExternalWebRequestActivityLogic:Authorization" is empty Authorization field can be edited after export/import3.3.21119.2


-81627 B: [AC] Review and check recovery behaviour for Remote Presence ViewPresence updates work correct3.3.21116.3


-49034 B: [StandbyDuty] System doesn't apply 'NoStandbyDutyAppointment' exit 'NoStandbyDutyAppointment' exit is taken if there are no any appointments or appointments with Pikett category in the Calendar.3.3.21112.2LUCS-CI


-82554 B: [ICH] Hard Cancel doesn't end the agent requestSendAgentRequest cancelled correctly3.3.21109.2


241473981959 B:  [ICH] Hard Cancel doesn't end the agent request on service 1

Several SendAgentRequests and  HardCancel  work correct 


– LUCS 3.3.2 Bugfix Release


OTRS Ticket Ids


Fix Description / Impact

DB Version / Setup Version

Components to Exchange


81675 B: [AC] Two out of two AC's passive for extended time period. 

(info) Note: Very rare occurrence, non-critical severity. However, this issue affected all components that can run active/passive. We recommend updating all affected components with your next scheduled maintenance.

Fixed an issue due to which the second AC could not activate, also affected AM or any other active / passive component.

3.3.21083.1 (net4.7) 


241249678431 B: Validation for deletion prevention of WF Resources seems to be broken.WF Resource Audio file is now playing correctly in workflow instance after adding or replacing a (new) file in resources

3.3.21070.1 (net4.7)


– LUCS 3.3.2 Bugfix Release



Issue Description

Fix Description / Impact

Fixed in DB / Setup Version

Affected Components



79575 B: AM - Agent Manager - TCC is not reported anymore because the Agent's Session lifetime expired too early.

Session LifeTime increased  to 10 hours

Adjust log output so that it can be understood, why a TCC is not handled anymore (Session Lifetime expired)

3.3.21032.1 (4.7)*

(info) Note: "(4.7)" refers to the separate Setup available for the respective .NET version

  - LUCS - 3.3.2 Bugfix Release


External Ticket ID (OTRSDescriptionFix Description / ImpactsDB Version / Setup VersionComponents to Exchange



78052 B: LUCS Web FrontEnd / Dashboard  - When the changes made during the SignalR reconnecting time, old data stays in the widget. 

Latest widget data is now automatically retrieved when SignalR connection is re-established.

The Dashboard and FE now shouldn't need additional manual refreshes anymore.

3.3.20329.1 (4.7)*


(info) Note: "(4.7)" refers to the separate Setup available for the respective .NET version

  - LUCS - 3.3.2 Bugfix Release


External Ticket ID (OTRSDescriptionFix Description / ImpactsDB Version / Setup VersionComponents to Exchange


241317077202 B: [FE][CI] Issue with recurring event scheduled to recur on a different day than it is created"Yearly", "Monthly" events are created in correct dates3.3.20307.7
3.3.20310.1 (4.7)*


-77489 B: [AA] Fix update TCC for reportingTCC provided for a session after ACW finished for a session will now be stored correctly in reporting.3.3.20307.2
3.3.20307.1 (4.7)*


241309477141 B: [AA] Close Conversation closes (sometimes) the wrong conversationTab with audio call escalated to chat is closed after termination of audio and then chat sessions.


3.3.20307.1 (4.7)*



-75768 I: [AA] Make ExternalTaskId available in AA config as paramExternalTaskId parameter can be used in AA config as parameter3.3.20289.1
3.3.20293.1 (4.7)*


-76879 B: [AC] Passive AC again sends presence updates since Release 3.3 AC doesn't handle/send presence updates for agents if set passive3.3.20282.4
3.3.20282.1 (4.7)*


241186375031 B: [ICH][3.2] Analyse MCU dialout behaviourImprovements of a previous bugfix3.3.20279.2
3.3.20280.1 (4.7)*


-58274 B: [Stratus AA][AA] Custom parameters aren't displayed in parameter module Custom parameters are displayed in Stratus AA, AA3.3.20273.2
3.3.20275.1 (4.7)*


241257575846 B: [ICH] Unlimited technical "RONA" when no more connectors are available to make dialoutConnector is released after the RONA and the call is ringing at the Agent even if
RONA attempts > Amount of configured connectors.


241236375014 B: LUCIE is staying open after External task and Call As are endedLUCIE closes tabs in a correct way3.3.20268.2
3.3.20268.1  (4.7)*

(info) Note: "(4.7)" refers to the separate Setup available for .NET4.7

  - LUCS 3.3.2 Bugfix and Feature Release

TypeExternal Ticket ID (OTRS)


Fix Description / Impacts

DB Version / Setup Version

Components to Exchange


-75845 B: [AA] Previous state "Busy-InAConferenceCall" is preserved upon ACW and republishedState "Busy-InAConferenceCall" is changed to "Available" after ACW3.3.20259.3LUCS-AA


241201375772 B: [ICH] PlayMusic executed while agent was already connectedPlayMusic activity stops playing before connected3.3.20259.3



241229074705 B: Double ACW when call gets consultative transferred to external targetOnly one ACW when call gets consultative transferred to external target3.3.20259.3LUCS-AM


-49013 U: [LC] "SecondaryUPN" field on UserNew field is added еще he system. It allows to log into PowerBI Server/PowerBI.com.


3.3.20255.1 (WebConfigurator)



-73550 B: [AA] NRR preselection seems to brokenNRR is displayed correctly on LUCS-FE after its selection in AA.
NRR pop-up doesn't appear after selection the NRR reason in AA. 


241272875585 B: [CIC] All the voice policies were deletedSystem gets the information about voice policies. Synchronization works correct, voice policies are kept in proper way.3.3.20259.3



241256875456 B: Communication between one ICH and AM broken, no appropriate error handlingFix was made in base class that is contained by all services.3.3.20259.3

Primary affected services are:


(warning) Recommended to exchange all components


241109548766 B: [CR], clean temp files if voicemail will not be sent because the session was too shortTemp file is deleted if the voicemail session was too short and file is 0 KB.

3.3.20254.5 (4.5.2)*

3.3.20254.3 (4.7)*



-74189 B: [AM] AM reserves the same Agent twice within the same MS since 3.3The call goes to the Agent once. 3.3.20238.1LUCS-AM



73776 B: [VT] Virtual Transfer doesn't work when directly before a "Cancel Agent Request" activity with HardCancel=true is usedThe call is processed in a proper way without hanging and long connection if Hard Cancel option is enabled.3.3.20218.1LUCS-ICH

(info) Note: "(4.7 / 4.5.2)" refers to the separate Setup available for the respective .NET version

 - LUCS 3.3.2 Bugfix Release

TypeExternal Ticket ID (OTRS)Internal ID / Issue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactsFixed in 
DB / Setup Version
Affected Component Setups


241210673631 B: Backend - Emergency case not correctly displayed

Selected Emergency Case is selected and saved in a proper way.





73980 B: [CR] Deal with expired O365 Tokens like in CIImproved expiration time condition to avoid "Access token has expired" error.
This error is handled: the logic was changed to allow retry send voice mail.



-73358 B: [API] Virtual Transferred call can't be put on holdCall that was transferred using Virtual activity can be put on hold via API.3.3.20182.1LUCS-AM TM-AM

 - LUCS 3.3.2 Bugfix and Feature Release

TypeExternal Ticket ID (OTRS)Internal ID / Issue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactsFixed in 
DB / Setup Version
Affected Component Setups


-F: Added [Reporting].[SupervisorSession] to the PowerBI Agent ReportAdd [Reporting].[SupervisorSession] to the PowerBI Agent Report3.3.20164.1

LUCS DatabaseUpdater


-50654 B: Workflow with a callback that were scheduled successfully writes incorrect task result

Reporting now returns TaskResult  =   Workflow Callback Schedule Success
Session is Handled


LUCS DatabaseUpdater


241151158141 B: [SMD] Improve logging when connection to S4B-FE dropsExtended logging for Connection Dropped/Unhandled Exception added3.3.20161.1LUCS-SMD


-50143 U: Remove limitation to "non-system" parameters PreferredAgentActivityUser is able to configure system parameters (for example: RetargetInitiatorSipUri ) to 'Set Preferred Agent' activity.3.3.20161.1



-50633 B: [CI] Issue with O365 events causing time shifts.

O365 All-Day calendar events got back time-shifted if "MailboxSettings.Read" is set
without "MailboxSettings.Read CI using UTC time zone".

(info) Also read the related known-limitations in the Opening Hours Feature.

3.3.20160.1  (for net4.7)

 - LUCS 3.3.2 Bugfix and Feature Release

TypeExternal Ticket ID (OTRS)Internal ID / Issue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactsFixed in 
DB / Setup Version
Affected Component Setups


241108050653 B: [LUCS][TM] Rona from UC Session Log is not displayed on Agent in ReportingRona from UC Session Log is not displayd on Agent in Reporting3.3.20146.3LUCS-ICH


-49030 B: Workflow with a Callback that were Scheduled Successfully writes incorrect TaskResultCallbackRequested.Created event is created before Session.Created event in DB3.3.20146.3LUCS-ICH


-49931 U: [ICH][ExternalWebRequest] Add PUT Method OptionPossibility to use PUT as External Web Request Option in WI

3.3.20135.1 (for net4.7)




-48406 U:[AAold] Add the option to use one time call as API if user clicks on outboundcall: if target is a sip URIAgent is able to call over a outboundcall: to a sip URI

3.3.20133.1 (for net4.7)



241155550385 B:[ICH] CheckPresenceState CheckServiceState activties returns wrong service presence and state after Virtual TransferCheck Presence\Service State activities: Service is DirectSelectable if no Agent is available.  System takes an exit for unavailable state which by default is mapped to DirectSelectable/Available.

3.3.20133.1 (for net4.7)


 – LUCS 3.3 Bugfix Release

TypeExternal Ticket ID (OTRS)Internal ID / Issue DescriptionFix Description / ImpactsFixed in 
DB / Setup Version
Affected Component Setups


241140749855 B: [Callback] Callback Scheduling just stopped at some moment, restart of AM helpedCallbacks that were created a month ago are not stopped anymore.3.3.20123.1



411137949507 B: [LC] Recording mailbox changed, when Opening Hours Box on Service is adjustedChanges with Opening Hours box don't affect Recording Mail Definition instant.3.3.20115.1LUCS-Configurator


-49696 B: No TCC/CSC and ACW on CallAs ConversationsTCC/CSC/ACW are presented to the Agent when he's performing a CallAs converation.3.3.20115.1LUCS-AA


421050548959 B: RONA Count is counting only missed calls, but doesn't count declined onesRONA Count is counting only missed calls, but doesn't count the calls that were declined by an agent3.3.20099.4LUCS-DatabaseUpdater


-48464 B: [ICH] A discrepancy between UC Session Log and TaskResult

Because of  incorrect order of sending from SfB events, "RONA" from US Sesison Log  was not reported as "Missed/Declined" in the Reporting.

Note: Only backend part was fixed.

3.3.20100.1 (for NET4.7)


 – LUCS 3.3 Release

We are proud to announce our newest V3.3 LUCS release, packed with a lot of new features as well as a huge variety of quality of life improvements. 

Backend UI Improvements

The Property Labels in LUCS Configurator have been updated for readability and clarity. 

(info) Note that some variables will still appear in their "old" format and will probably be phased out.

Highlight Services with active Emergency Cases

When switching to an Emergency Case a service will now clearly indicate this in the WebConfigurator UI. This will also apply when someone defines or starts a new Emergency Case from the Frontend.

Workflow Changes

Switch between placeholder audio and TTS in Frontend

In a recent update we enabled our system administrator to configure audio and TTS in workflows separately. For this reason the "SpeechStatement" property was split into two individual properties for Audio and TTS. This affects all Workflow activities with an audio announcement selection, which were updated with new properties:

  • AV Audio File(s) Enabled
  • AV TTS(s) Enabled

New: Separate Audio file and TTS options for more Workflow Instance flexibility

The following activities were updated:

WF ActivityType of Update
Announcementexisting property is split
InputCustomerexisting property is split
EmergencyActivityexisting property is split
Connectnew properties added, default "true"
Collect Customer Informationnew properties added, default "true"
Standby Dutynew properties added, default "true"

When migrating / updating your installation

For existing activites in workflows the following rules are applied during migration: 

  • If old property SpeechStatement:Enabled = "true" → set both new properties to true
  • If old property SpeechStatement:Enabled = "false" → set both new properties to false
  • If old property has a boolean placeholder assigned → the same placeholder is assigned for both new properties during upgrade
  • If services have configured values for placeholders → these values are migrated as well and reassigned to placeholders for the two new properties

(info) Learn how to Switch between Audio-File and TTS via placeholder in your own workflows.

"ServiceId" as a System Parameter in External Web Requests

New and retroactively also implemented for LUCS 3.2 the system now presents a new system parameter "ServiceId" that helps customers to identify a service related to a task. 

The parameter is used in the following context:

(info) Learn how to use the ServiceID as Parameter in External Web Requests

"Set Preferred Agent" Activity

With LUCS 3.3 it is now possible to use set the preferred Agent “directly” in a workflow, using the new "Set Preferred AgentWorkflow Element.

Good to know

  • The advantage to this approach is that the preferred agent can be acquired from a different source, from a third party system, via web request or other methods.
  • To use the feature, configure your Workflow Instances to contain the "Set Preferred Agent" Element. 
  • Existing workflows from LUCS 3.2 and older will not be updated and use the database-retrieval "Preferred Agent Routing" activity .

(info) Learn more about this and other workflow activities on our Workflow Elements page.

Option for Hard Cancel of an Agent Request

In previous versions of LUCS the ‘Cancel Agent request’ Call Activity always waited until a pending agent request times out before canceling the request. When still "ringing" an agent the call flow still hangs at the "cancel request" element. This  results in silence periods (up to the value of RonaTimeout), which can be avoided using the to ‘Cancel Agent Request’ activity with 2 possible parameter options: 

  • Hard cancel = false: (Default). The system works like before and the activity waits until pending agent request times out before canceling the request.
  • Hard cancel = true(warning) An agent request is canceled immediately even if it is currently ringing at an agent.

After upgrading LUCS to V3.3 you will see a new "Hard Cancel" property in the "Cancel Agent Request" Activity

(info) Learn more about this and other workflow activities on our Workflow Elements page.

Option to Shuffle AV playlist

You can now opt to shuffle your playlists within your "Play MusicCall Activites.

Standalone Opening Hours

You can now configure standalone opening hours directly in the backend. These hours require no external calendars and can be assigned to any Call and Mail Services

Standalone Opening Hours directly applied in the "General" Service Settings

API Improvements

With 3.3 we updated the existing Service and User provisioning API. The Task provisioning API now allows you to control consultation calls directly.

The following new endpoints and methods are available with this update:

Request TargetRequest(s)Description
Services under a specific Organization Unit
  • GET /v1.0/organizationunits/{ouIdentifier}/services

Retrieve all services under the respective Organization Unit with the option to exclude children. 

(lightbulb) Will return (a list of) Services with ID, Name, SID, URI and Email.

User (Agent) specific items
  • GET /v1.0/users/{userIdentifier}/consultativeCalls

Check all consultation calls created by a user. 

(lightbulb) Will return (a list of) Calls with FrontcallID, Consultation Identifier, Target, CallState, a session merge state as well as various timestamps when task states changed.

Task provisioning and management
  • GET /users/{userIdentifier}/tasks
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/hold
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/resume
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall
  • GET /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall/merge
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall/transfer
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall/terminate
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall/leave
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall/audioRoute
  • POST /tasks/{taskIdentifier}/consultationCall/terminateCustomerCall

The LUCS API has been updated with new functionality, now allowing you to manage Tasks. Using the API you can directly: 

  • ... create a consultative call to another Agent (Consultant)
  • ... transfer service calls or merge calls with a Consultant
  • ... switch audio routes in a merged call
  • ...  leave or terminate calls.
  • ... put tasks on hold and resume them.

Use API call features without programming know-how

Our new Attendant Console products Stratus Switchboard for Microsoft Teams and Stratus Switchboard for Skype make direct use of this API functionality, combining all call transfer and merge functions in a sleek and simple to use UI. 

  • Getting started with the API? Read our our API Documentation first.
  • Want to get into details with own development? Refer to our online API Swagger File for a full set of endpoints and technical descriptions.

API Keys now with RBAC Support

In LUCS 3.3 the API keys management was improved to now support a much more granular permission set per issued API key: 

  • New User Roles can be assigned to API Keys
  • Permissions are set for the roles assigned to the API Keys for specific Organization Units

  • To administrate the roles of an API key you need to have the Organization Unit Administrator Role → Also see Role Based Access - RBACLUCS API
  • During an upgrade from older versions of the API (e.g. LUCS 3.2), your keys will get all available roles to avoid communication issues. All API keys will be assigned to the System level Organization UnitsIf you wish to use the new roles, you need to update you existing keys in the LUCS backend.

Reporting Improvements

  • An Agent is now able to change NotReadyReasonState (NRR-State) without changing its State in SfB
  • Adjusted/simplified the database roles for LUCS and TM
  • Calculation of NotReadyReason adjusted

Other improvements

  • Further Scalability / Performance Improvements
  • Possibility for a LUCS O365 Connection to Get Team Presence via Graph API directly in AC
  • Regex and Regex Sets are now Organization Unit dependent

Required Lync.Powershell Commands

Required Lync Powershell Commands

- Get-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- Set-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- Remove-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- New-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint
- Grant-CsVoicePolicy
- Get-CsVoicePolicy
- Get-CsVoiceRoute
- Get-CsPool
- Get-CsServerVersion
- Grant-CsConferencingPolicy
- New-CsConferencingPolicy
- Get-CsConferencingPolicy
- Set-CsConferencingPolicy
- Remove-CsConferencingPolicy
- Get-CsExternalAccessPolicy
- Grant-CsExternalAccessPolicy

Known Issues / Limitations

The following features have known Issues: 

Common Issues

  • Logout Session Expiry: The Web Backend does automatically logout after 10 min of user inactivity. However this countdown does not reset while editing properties (e.g. user details, templates, settings) as it should be. This can result in unsaved properties being discarded due to the logout.
    → Workaround: The user has to actively click and change panels / views to reset this countdown. When changing large sets of properties (e.g. templates) recommend to save changes often or increase the Logout expiry duration as explained here.
  • Users with "Reporting" Rights in Role Based Access - RBAC will count as "Supervisors" even with just a Reporting Role being assigned.

Microsoft Teams Web-Client

Design Limitation on Microsoft Teams Web Client

The Teams Web Client currently has a known limitation that sends a lot of incorrect status updates especially when refreshing the page in your browser. The effects include: 

  • User sporadically appearing as offline.
  • Spontaneous switch to an erratic presence status which is apparent in logfiles.
  • Multiple status updates within only a few seconds, which increases when user is refreshing the Teams chat window within the browser.

This has a noticeable impact on how Luware products handle Agent presence, availability and reporting features.  → Until this is resolved by Microsoft we strongly advise to exclusively use the locally installed Teams Client App for all productive users of your organization.

New 3.3 Database Creation

Known Issue

When creating a new clean-base V3.3 Database there is a confirmed issue that a KPI Index (IX_View_FactSession_Indexed_CL and IDX_KPI) files are not created in the Database. In LUCS Frontend the following error appears: 

'IDX_KPI' on table 'Reporting.View_FactSession_indexed (specified in the FROM clause) does not exist.

To circumvent the problem:

  1. Using DB Updater, create the Database in the latest 3.2 Version first
  2. The execute "Reporting.usp_Dataloader" → This creates the necessary Index files
  3. Then update the database from 3.2.08.xxxx to 3.3.12.xxxx or newest DB equivalent

(info) Existing 3.2.x installations seem to be unaffected (upgrade). This note remains until the issue is fixed. 

Opening Hours

(info) These issues affect Opening Hours

Recurring Events on a DST-Shift-Day

Known Issue (Kendo Scheduler)

There is a reported bug in the scheduling component used in Opening Hours Calendar.

When you create a recurring event on a DST (Daylight Savings Time) shift day, all related recurring events are shown at shifted time.

A bugfix is outside of Luware scope. Until this is resolved we recommend to create the start of recurring events starting outside of a DST-shift-day.

O365 Calendars: All-day events 

Known Issue

When using O365 Calendars for opening hours: currently in LUCS 3.3 "all-day" events appear time-shifted via the UTC offset. 


Fixed in LUCS-CI component

Fix Version:

3.3.20160.1  (for net4.7)


For versions <3.3: We do not recommend to use "all-day" events for O365 calendars until you're ready to perform an Upgrade.