The frontend of LUCS can be customized to your needs. On this page we explain how you can manage widgets and walls as well as change settings of the Frontend to be personalized to your individual taste. Administrators can furthermore 

Widgets and Walls


Widgets are the key component to customizing the LUCS Frontend to your needs. You can freely place them on your home screen, create additional widget groups to sort them by purpose, time of day or task, or make them available as public walls, which are visible to all users of LUCS (including visitors with no account). We sort our widgets by agent, service and reporting categories to make them easier to distinguish. 

Widgets are accessible to agents, supervisors and administrators, but with adapted functionality to only show what the current user role allows for.

Frontend - Add Widget Popup

Widgets can also be customized to better telegraph the information you need. Learn more about how to add and configure widgets in our Frontend Widgets and Groups section.

Personal Settings


Via the Frontend you can directly access the settings. This opens a pop-up configuration tabs. These will be explained in the following chapters.

(info) Normal users may only adjust their own settings. Administrators have access to further configuration options as described below.

User Tab

User Settings in the FrontEnd

Control NameDescription

Time Format

Format of time in the widgets grid:

  • ‘HH:MM:SS’ if Time Format is 24-Hour;
  • ‘HH:MM:SS AM/PM’ if Time Format is 12-Hour.

Widget Reordering

Allows to enable/disable automatic reordering of widgets on the page.

Disallows widgets to change their positions after resizing widgets, the browser window or changing the screen resolution.

(lightbulb) We recommend leaving this disabled so widgets attempt to stay fully visible within the given space.

Language Menu

Allows selecting specific language for the application. Affects the whole application for the currently logged in user: widgets, walls, ‘Application Settings’ pop-up etc.

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • François
  • Italian
  • Netherlandish


Changes colors of fonts and controls. 

  • –      Blue (default);
  • –      Red;
  • –      Yellow;
  • –      Green.

(Select, Clear)

Allows you to upload a custom wallpaper as background (set on repeat if your desktop / scrollbar extends the size)

The wallpaper will only be visible to your user.

Application Tab


The ‘Application’ tab is available to System Administrators and allows to apply corporate branding to the Login page

Frontend Settings - Application Tab

‘Application’ tab contains the following controls:

Control NameDescription

(Select / Clear)

Allows you to upload a customized picture/logo

  • Height = 38px
  • Width = 123px


Short customized description

  • max 160 Characters
  • Can be presented in: English, Deutsch, François, Italian, Netherlandish

  • If no description is saved for a specific language, the default LUCS description is displayed.

Support Tab


The ‘Support’ tab allows to include the company’s support information. The goal is for Admins to provide Agents and Users with a possibility to contact internal IT support when a problem arises.

(info) The provided details will be shown in the ‘Support’ tab of the ‘Information’ pop-up.

Frontend Settings - Support Tab

‘Support’ tab contains the following controls:

Control NameDescription


Name of the internal support addresses. Can be a SIP-, E-Mail-Address or Phone number



Sip:<sipaddress>, tell:<phonenumber>, <emailaddress> is available to use as value

MAX LENGTH:  40 address or 20 digit number

Provide values in a format as follows:

  • E-mail:
  • Phone number: tel:+41313222111
  • SIP: <>

Audio Tab


The ‘Audio’ tab allows to upload audio files to get an acoustic notification, to be played if certain thresholds within widgets are reached. This allows users with the rights to see those widgets be notified when without having to observe the wall/widget group directly.

(lightbulb) Common uses for acoustic notifications would be a warning if a certain SLA % threshold is undercut or a notification when a certain number of agents is available. Basically you can customize these thresholds for any measurable value or event when configuring widgets in their respective "thresholds" tab.

(lightbulb) We recommend to keep the jingles and sounds short as the sound will be played in full every time a threshold rule is met!

Frontend Settings - Audio Tab

‘Audio’ tab contains the following controls:

Control NameDescription


Allows selecting an audio file for uploading to the preview area.

  • File format: WMA, MP3
  • Max size: 1MB
  • After file is uploaded, it displayed in the preview area.


Allows to listen to uploaded audio files



The ‘SLA’ tab is available for the System Administrator and allows to configure a formula to calculate SLA. 

Frontend Settings - SLA Tab

(info)  The selected formula is used across all widgets in Frontend.