Goal: Configure a Switch for a Workflow, using WebConfigurator to ...

  • switch the direction of the workflow with just one click.
  • enable or disable functions, like enable or disable call recording for a workflow, changing a transfer target, etc..

Complexity: High
Preconditions: Configured Placeholders and Parameters

When given necessary user rights, Supervisors can also use this 'switch function' using the Luware Web-Configurator. The configuration steps necessary are described below"Configure User Rights"

For the configuration of this Feature you have to:

  1. Configure a new workflow placeholder and a new parameter. The procedure is described below on this page.
  2. Add 2 additional Workflow Elements ('Save to Parameter' and 'Check Parameter Activity')
  3. Configure the added Workflow Elements

Example Workflows

Below are some workflow examples.

Original Workflow / Initial Position

Example 1 - Switching a transfer target

Example 2 - Enable/Disable a recording option

Default variant, with no switch condition.

Workflow with parameter-based transfer.

Workflow with parameter-based conversation recording option.

Service Configuration

(tick) To make use the examples shown above, some common service settings as well as Workflow resources and dependencies need to be defined beforehand. These steps are described below.

Add Placeholder

1LUCS ConfiguratorGo to "Workflow" / "Placeholders".
"Placeholder" page is opened.
2"Placeholders" PageClick on 'Add' to add a new Placeholder.Empty "Placeholder" template is opened
3"Placeholders" Page
  • Add a name for the Placeholder (e.g. Switch-Placeholder)
  • Choose "Boolean" as 'Type'
  • Choose an Organisation Unit
    ((lightbulb) If you choose 'System' the parameter can be used for all OUs)

The Placeholder is configured properly.

4"Placeholders" Page  Click in 'Save' to save the configuration.New Placeholder is configured.

Add Parameter

1LUCS ConfiguratorClick on "Services" / "Parameter".
"Parameter" page is opened.
2"Parameter" PageClick on 'Add' to add a new Parameter.Empty "Parameter" template is opened
3"Parameter" Page
  • Add a name for the parameter (e.g. Switch-Parameter); this is the name of the parameter shown in the list of parameters on the Parameter page.
  • Add a Value-Name (must be between two %; e.g. $Switch-Parameter$)
  • Add a Default Value (0)
  • Add a Parameter (e.g. Switch-Parameter); this is the name used/shown in the Workflow Element during the configuration of the Element.
  • Choose an Organisation Unit
    ((lightbulb) if you choose 'System' the parameter can be used for all OUs)

The Parameter is configured properly.

4"Parameter" Page  Click in 'Save' to save the configuration.New Parameter is configured.

Configure Workflow

1LUCS ConfiguratorClick on "Workflow" / "Workflow Structure".
"Workflow Structure" page is opened.
2"Workflow Structure" PageChoose the Workflow you want to adapt (or create a new one)."Workflow Structure" is opened.
3"Workflow Structure" Page

Add 'Save to Parameter' and 'Check Parameter Activity' Workflow-Elements to your workflow in the way you need it.

Examples: see above (Example Workflows)

The adapted workflow contains the additional Workflow-Elements 'Save to Parameter' and 'Check Parameter Activity' and all  Workflow-Elements are linked properly.

4"Workflow-Structure" Page  Click 'Save' to save the configuration.

New Workflow-Elements are added properly.

5LUCS ConfiguratorClick on "Workflow" / "Workflow Instance"."Workflow Instance" page is opened.
6"Workflow Instance" PageChoose the Instance you want to adapt."Workflow Instance" is opened
7"Workflow Instance" Page

Click on 'Save to Parameter' and

  1. choose correct Parameter in "ParameterToInput" (as target, where the Placeholder value should be stored)
  2. choose correct Placeholder in "Value" (as source).
Workflow-Element 'Save to Parameter' is configured properly.
8"Workflow Instance" Page

Click on 'Check Parameter Activity' and

  1. choose correct Parameterin "ParameterToCheck"
  2. add following Regex in "RegexPattern":

Workflow-Element 'Check Parameter Activity' is configured properly.

9"Workflow Instance" PageClick 'Save' to save the configuration.Switch-Function for the Workflow is configured properly.

Configure User Rights

1Web Configurator

Click on "Agents" Icon .

List with all Agents appears.
2"Agents" PageClick on the name of the Agent you want to add / change roles.Page 'General Information' appears.
3"Agents" PageClick on "Agent/Supervisor Roles"Page with information of the configured

"Agents" Page

Add Service rights for the user:
→ Supervisor/Web/Service

Necessary user roles are configured, so that the supervisor could do placeholder changes via the Web Configurator.

(info) This settings can be configured per supervisor and per Organisation Unit. So the supervisor will only have the rights to do the changes for the allocated OUs.
5"Agents" PageClick on 'Save & Apply' to save the changes.Necessary rights for the superuser are configured.

How to use:

1Web Configurator

Click on "Services" Icon .

List with all Services appears.
2"Services" PageSelect the service for which you want to change a setting or activate/deactivate an option.

Page 'Workflow' appears.

(info) If the user has admin rights, the page 'General Information' appears.
  → in this case: click as next step on the 'Workflow' page

3"Services" Page

Enable/Disable the option of this workflow / LUCS service by checking / unchecking the checkbox.

After checking / unchecking the checkbox, the workflow will have a different behavior, depending of the configuration.

(info) If the customer service is a multi-lingual service, the checkbox has to be checked / unchecked for each language.
For each language a separate LUCS service is configured!

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 014