This Use Case describes a workaround for a bug that prevents a newly created Zendesk ticket from opening via Agent Assistant. The actions below describe steps to not just create the Zendesk ticket but also how to open it automatically

(lightbulb)  This is for users of the non-cloud Agent Assistant.

Complexity: Medium

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Create Startup Application of Zendesk Type


Startup Application

Head to WebConfigurator > Settings > Agents > Startup ApplicationSettings Dialogue is opened.
2Startup Application

Create a new Zendesk Item and configure it according to your Zendesk URL. 

(lightbulb) It's on you to decide when the "Start at" parameters will apply. The screenshot below is only an example.

Zendesk item is created

Set Up Parameter and Check Workflow


Service Parameters

Head to WebConfigurator > Settings > Service > Parameters

Parameters panel is opened
2Custom Workflow Elements

In your workflow, check that the "Create Ticket" Activity is part of your workflow instance. 

(lightbulb) Note: The Zendesk Ticket ID parameter created in the previous steps does not need to be filled into the activity properties. It's sufficient for it to simply exist for this step to (exclusively) use Zendesk API.

Create ticket step part of the workflow structure.

Configure Agent Assistant

1Agent AssistantHead to LUCS Configurator > Agents > Agent Assistant ConfigurationConfiguration panel is opened
2Agent Assistant

Create or Update an Agent Assistant configuration and add the new Zendesk Item to your Startup Applications. 

New AA configuration is created
3Agent Management

Head to Agents Tab > Select your Agent(s) using the new configuration. Assign the newly created Zendesk Configuration for AA to all required Agents. 


AA Configuration is assigned to one or several users.

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 042