There are two ways to edit agent information, single or bulk. Both methods are described on this page.

→ The details you can edit in each tab are described in the Agent Management page.

Single Edit

To edit a single agent select the specific agent in the list. Agent's details will be opened on "General Information" tab. 

(info) Simply continue to edit fields as described in the Agent Management page.

Bulk edit and comparison of settings

The "Roles" tabs (Administration / Agent / Supervisor) will be disabled during bulk editing to prevent accidental false configuration. Please edit roles per-user or consider using the Adding new Agents wizard which both copy configuration and roles.

You can edit multiple Agents and their settings simultaneously to safe time and consolidate settings quickly: 

  1. Select more than 1 Agent in the list using either SHIFT or CTRL key 
    → Agents' details will be opened on "General Information" tab. 
    → Items will be colored based on their comparison between selected agents

    Color Coding Legend

    • Read only: Fields are in read-only mode, editing is not available
    • Different: Values are different for the selected agents. 
    • Equal: Values are equal for the selected agents.

    Example of Agent bulk edit with comparison colors
  2. Change the entries as needed. Note that: 
    1. Grey entries may not be edited as they could result in conflict (due to identical settings not being allowed)
    2. Yellow entries may be edited to resolve a mismatch
    3. Green entries are already matching.
  3. Once satisfied you may switch to other tabs and configure mismatching settings there as well or press "Save & Apply"

Agent Traits Comparison

The "Agent Traits" tab is using the same color coding to show matches and mismatches:

  • Mismatching traits or duty profile / responsibility combinations are shown in orange
  • Matching profiles are shown in green;
  • Profiles/Traits marked with a warning sign have a non-path dependency.
    (warning) Removing the association can not be reverted.

(question) If a profile is missing completely:

  • the whole profile is marked with an overlay and allow the user to "Apply" the profile to the other agents;
  • changing a profile when not all users have the same profile will change only the trait responsibilities for the users which have the profile already;
  • Adding a complete profile will apply it to all selected agents

Example of Agent Traits editing with multiple Agents selected