All LUCS-configured SfB (Skype for Business) services are responsible for handling IM Chats, Audio and Video calls. Once a conversation is accepted by the service it is handled according to the configured workflows, distribution policy, Agent / User traits and specific service settings described on the following pages.

LUCS distinguishes by two types of services :

Service-Setup Checklist

Service Tab Overview

WebConfigurator - Services

The 'Services' tab provides the possibility to define the Services in the LUCS system and manage Service configuration. Service details can be edited on the following tabs which are displayed upon selecting an appropriate Service

(info) Unlike SfB services, mail services do not have workflows. Incoming emails are handled according to the configured distribution policy, traits and service settings.

To save time when Defining Call Service Details or configuring your Mail Services we recommend checking out the Common Service Settings first. In there we list re-usable elements that save you time during later (additional) configuration.