It is possible to configure the service to ask the agent for Task Completion Codes after the task execution. These codes will be stored in the database and may be used for any analysis purposes (like statistics) etc. The LUCS user is able to add to the system completely different custom codes for any own proposes. To use the task codes feature the codes have to be configured and assigned to a service as context.

You can access 'Task Completion Codes' used by the system on via Settings -> Service -> Task Completion Codes

WebConfigurator - Defining Task Completion Codes

The 'Task Completion Codes' page contains the following settings:

Control NameDescription


Task Completion Code name.

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit to which the Task Completion Code will be assigned.

Assigning Codes

All created Task Completion Codes (or Cross-selling Codes) can be assigned to the Services on WebConfigurator -> Service Entry ->  Context tab.

(info) It is possible to assign both Task Completion Codes and Crossselling Codes to a service. However, additional apps like Mail Manager or Agent Assistant will show both codes in one listing. We therefor recommend to:

  • .... unassign unneeded codes by moving them to the left (via the 'Left' and 'Right' arrows in the "Context" tab)
  • ... rearrange the codes via the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons. (lightbulb) The agent will see the codes in the given order within in the Agent Assistant or Mail Manager Client

WebConfigurator - Service Context CSC and Task Completion Codes