This feature is currently availabe to LUCS Configurator only.

To access this feature, go to Workflows -> Policy Editor

Workflow policies allow to define key / value pairs to be used as default parameters in workflow instance activities. Anyone with RBAC rights to editing workflows  and their activities can decide whether or not to apply the policy or custom-define parameters.

Webconfigurator - Workflow Instance applying a policy

(info) By default a "Master Policy" is hard-set on system level and applied to all workflow instances. You can decide to use the policy values (if defined) or specify your own in each workflow instance.

(lightbulb) Applying the policy (checkbox) in your workflows will disable any manual entries to signify that the policy overrules any customized entries. This is used to "standardize" your settings across all workflow instances and particularly effective when combined with standardized Workflow Resources and Dependencies such as value placeholders.

Applying policies in your settings is optional, but also has potentially huge (indirectly visible) impacts and should therefore be used sparingly. We recommend having a minimal set of workflows with transparent settings (instead of strict policy values), which keeps your configuration immediate, transparent and flexible to all workflow-enabled users.

→ If you need to configure rather expansive policies for your case we highly recommend configuring this feature when consulting a Luware support engineer.

The image below illustrates some examples where the policy is being visibily applied in LUCS:

Workflow Policy Editor and Impacts