As a supervisor you want to opt-in to supervise your assigned Agents. This can be useful for training purposes or to perform quality checks. In this case, after the call is accepted by the Agent, the session will automatically be sent to Supervisor as well to allow him to join the conversation.

To activate the feature:

  1. Select the Agent from widgets such as Agent States and Agent Dimension.
    → The Widget Actions for that agent are shown
  2. Click on the "Activate Permanently Supervised Button" (
    → You are now supervising that agent and will be invited to calls as he receives them.
    (info) Permanent Supervision is performed in 'Listening' mode. 
    (info) You may only select one Agent at a time for supervision
  3. To end supervision of an Agent, click the 'Deactivate Permanently Supervised' button ( ) which appears instead of the 'Activate Permanently Supervised' button
    (lightbulb) Selecting any other Agent for supervision will have the same effect.

Permanent Supervision in Frontend