You can access agent duty profile details directly via the Frontend, e.g. via the Agent Dimension and Agent States widgets. 

(tick) Precondition: The Agent must be online for the options to be shown. 

A supervisor you may switch the Agent profiles and thus define the responsibility of the corresponding agent. Also see → Trait and Responsibility Definition

Profile switch by Supervisor

The Agent Profile can be changed on clicking 'Set Agent Profile' button ( ) in actions menu. The actions menu is available on clicking the agent row in the 'Agent States' or 'Agent Dimensions' widget.

Possible actions involve: Reset of RONA state, Agent Presence State Management, Agent Profile Management, Permanent Supervision and editing the Traits of Agent

Profile switch by Agent

(info) An agent may switch his own profile via the Frontend. This is done directly from his user menu. 

Profile change from Front End UI

(info) With Agent Assistant installed, Agents can also switch their profiles directly.