Any System Administrator or Supervisor is able to reconfigure traits for Agents on the web Front End without using any backend configuration.

(lightbulb) This is useful to make Agents temporarily appear more (or less) "suitable" for LUCS task selection according to the Distribution Policy.

Trait changes are applied generally

Please note that trait changes are applied permanently and generally for the respective agent and not treated as "individual instance". It is therefore not recommended to manipulate individual Agent traits / skillsets to accommodate to a (temporary) call situation.

If you need a very specific set of traits and responsibilities to reflect a unique service situation, consider creating a new Duty Profile (which can be made visible to only your Organization Unit) or ask an Administrator to do this for you. These profiles - when assigned to Agents - allow specific trait definitions. Switching profiles is particularly useful when you need more Agents "selectable" on-the-fly without having to adapt single traits and remember changes made.

Alternatively you can (ask an Administrator) to change the Call Distribution Policy set in your service to allow for a more lenient or tight selection of skills. This however has a more widespread and permanent effect on your services effectiveness in distributing calls.

Changing Traits

To change the traits: 

  1. Select the Agent from widgets such as Agent States and Agent Dimension.
    → The Widget Actions for that agent are shown
  2. Click the 'Change Traits' button ( ) in the actions menu.
    → A pop-up with agent Traits will open

    Agent Trait Editing in FrontEnd

    The configurable options are:

    Trait Panel

    Shows the parent Trait Definition Name

    (info) The number of entries to rate depends on the number of the Trait and Responsibility Definition during LUCS configuration.


    Set of Attributes of each (child) trait definition. To assign Attributes click the corresponding radio buttons.

    Save & Close when done or Cancel to discard.
    → Changes are immediately reflected.


    Set of Responsibilities of each child Trait definition.

    (info) Only visible when the trait has a "responsibility" requirement set. 

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