System Administrator or Supervisors are able to set an Emergency Case on a Service by clicking the ‘Emergency Case’ button.

(info) This function is available in the ‘Service Dimension Widget’ widget. To activate it: 

  1. Select the Service to which the emergency case shall apply
    → The widget action menu opens for that service
    (tick) Precondition: The service must have an Emergency Cases defined and assigned in the respective Service's Workflow Configuration

    Emergency Case assignment
  2. Click on the 'Emergency Case" button

    Switching to an Emergency Case from Frontend
  3. → A configuration pop-up opens, which allows the user to edit the Emergency Case details.

    ‘Emergency Case Details’ pop-up

    The configurable options are as follows:

Control Name


Emergency Case

Emergency Case Name.

(info) Does not list anything if no emergency cases where assigned to the Service's Workflow Configuration 

Valid Until

Expiration Date of the currently applied emergency case.

Allows setting a date via calendar.

Save & Close

Saves the currently selected Emergency Case and puts it in effect.


Cancels and discards any entered details.


Allows adding new Emergency Case. → See "Emergency Case Creation" chapter below.

Good to know

  • Services in an Emergency state are indicated with an icon in the LUCS Backend. 
  • Any team admin or other user with with permissions on the service may opt to restore the normal operation again. 
  • Preselectable Emergency Cases may be defined directly from the LUCS backend or the frontend (see below).

Emergency Case Creation

A System Administrator or Supervisor can add new Emergency Cases on the fly without using the LUCS backend configuration.

  1. From within the "Emergency Case" panel, click the 'Create' Button 
    → 'The Emergency Case creation' pop-up opens

    ‘Emergency Case Creation’ pop-up
  2. Specify the following details:

    Control NameDescription


    Emergency Case Name.


    Expiration Date of the currently applied emergency case.


    Allows setting a date via the calendar.

    Enable Emergency Routing


    Works along with ‘Check Emergency Case Status” activity in Workflow Structures. → See Defining Workflows

    Allows to switch between ‘Activated’ or ‘ActivatedAndEmergencyRoutingEnabled’ exits of the activity.


    Allows definition of messages to be sent via TTS or IM. 

    (info) Clicking "+" adds a new section to define multiple languages.

    ‘Messages’ section


    Language of Text to Speech and Text for IM:

    • Not selected (default) - needs to be changed to any language below
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Croatian

    Text to Speech

    Text to Speech message that will be played during the call.

    Text for IM

    Text that will be displayed during the chat.