It is possible to configure the service to ask the agent for Cross-selling Codes after the task execution. These codes will be stored in the database and may be used for any analysis purposes (like statistics) etc.

Within LUCS, custom codes can be defined for any purpose. To use the task codes feature the codes have to be configured and assigned to a service.

(info) Lucs users can inspect the Cross-selling Codes used by the system on the Settings -> Service section -> Cross-selling Codes page:

Crossselling Codes Details

Cross-selling Codes contains the following settings:

Control NameTypeRequiredDescription


Text Field


Cross-selling Code name.

Organization Unit

Drop Down


Select Organization Unit to which the Cross-selling Code will be assigned.

Your created Cross-selling Codes can be assigned to the Services on Services page -> Service details -> Context tab. → see Service Call Context

Delete Cross-selling Codes

To delete the existing cross-selling code, select it in the list and click ‘Delete‘ button.

Cross-selling code can not be deleted as long as they are used in a Service Call Context. Mouse over the delete button to see dependent entities using the code.