By default all tasks (internally or triggered by the API) will block an Agent. Via the API and some additional settings in the backend it is possible to allow Agents to handle multiple tasks (e.g. handle some ACW while answering a new caller).


Within the Configuration Backend > for Service / Agents respectively:

  • Service Configuration: Add new checkbox "Agents Handle Simultaneous External Tasks"
    • Default: Disabled. When enabled, disable ACW (similar to "Agents Handle Simultaneous IM"). The Agent can then tackle the next task while ACW is still ongoing.
    • RBAC: Permissions for Administrator:Service and Administrator:ServiceExtended

  • Agent Configuration: Add new "Number of Simultaneous Non-Blocking External Tasks" (Default: 1)
    • RBAC: Permissions for Administrator:User and Administrator:Agent

Agent Manager / Agent Assistant Changes

The logic in Agent Manager was adapted to support non-blocking tasks:

  • If a new task is submitted through the API where parameter "BlockAgent":"false" the following rules apply:
    • While the Agent is busy with such a non-blocking task, a blocking task to this Agent (e.g. service calls, another external "BlockAgent":"true" task) can still be distributed.
    • Vice versa, a blocking tasks prevents further distribution of a non-blocking task to the same Agent.
    • Distribution is only done if there is no other "completely" free agent available.
    • An agent shall not get more tasks than the backend configured amount.

Changes for Agent Assistant:

  • Now able to display multiple call/task toast/extended toast and multiple TCC and ACW for the different toast
    → ACW handling should be the same as for IM: If you allow simultaneous Tasks, no ACW is possible on the service
  • Reporting extended to the additional events where necessary:
    • If working on a non-blocking External Task gets interrupted by a blocking task added, Hold time shall be deducted from the worktime in reporting.
    • The worktime of simultaneous non-blocking external tasks will be counted for each task individually

Usage Scenario


  • Service Configuration: "Agents Handle Simultaneous External Tasks" must be enabled

  • "Agent1" Configuration: "Number Of Simultaneous External Tasks" = 2

Scenario 1 - "BlockAgent":"true"Scenario 2 - "BlockAgent":"false"
  1. Agent1 receives a 1st external task where "BlockAgent":"true" and accepts it.
  2. Another external task gets into the queue.

Result: Agent1 doesn't receive 2nd external task because the task currently accepted is blocking it.

  • Agent1 receives a 1st external task where "BlockAgent":"false" and accepts it
  • Another external task  gets into the queue.
  • Agent1 receives a 2nd external task and accepts it.
  • Another external task gets into queue.

Result: Agent1 doesn't receive a 3rd external task as "Number Of Simultaneous External Tasks" = 2

(lightbulb) In both cases a potential free Agent 2 would be preferred if Agent1 is occupied by a task (blocking or not).
Usage Scenarios