In our reporting templates we distinguish three levels of data in our reporting (Customer-, Service- and Agent- Task). Each task has corresponding report outputs that can be evaluated. To better understand what happens on a data-tracking basis, we'll explain the task and data items with an example

Customer Task → How we analyze the calls/tasks from a customers perspective

Imagine you are calling a contact center with your mobile device. As a customer, you are welcomed by an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and you may select your language - internally this is handled as task 1.  You are then getting routed to the service according to your language selection, there you are in the queue and after a short period of time, you get connected to an agent. In the conversation with the agent in becomes clear that he can't help you and thus needs to transfer you to another service - this is handled as task 2. Further tasks are created for each further interaction until the call is ended.

In summary, your call did involve at least two services from the contact center, but for you, as a customer, it's still your one call. In total, this is what we are tracking as a customer task, which also can be viewed in the Customer Path Report.

Service Task → How we analyze the calls/tasks from internal services

This continues the aforementioned example. You are still in the call, but for the contact center we have already two involved service tasks (#1: is the IVR and language dependencies routing, #2 the transfer to the queue and connection to an agent in the service). The internal interaction with a service will generate a third task -  and so on - until the call is disconnected.

Each service task is part of the service report. Furthermore, the customer path gets updated with each further internal interaction as long as the call persists.

Agent Task → How we analyze the calls/tasks from an agent perspective

This continues the aforementioned example. An agent gets involved once the customer is in a queue-service. Before that, no agent will be involved (like the IVR service) 

Each internal interaction with an agent will create an additional agent task and these agent interactions are part of the agent report. 

Various types of tasks in LUCS