A supervisor is able to manage the Agent presence state of his assigned agents. This option is available in widgets such as Agent States and Agent Dimension.

Agent presence state assignment

Setting the Agent State

The presence state can be changed on clicking 'Set Presence State' button ( ) in actions menu.  The following Agent States can be set:

  • Online
  • Busy
  • Away

State impact on "Selectability"

"Busy" does not always mean "Not selectable"

As a supervisor, be careful to not automatically associate "Busy" with a red SfB presence status in regards of LUCS service availability (for task selection).

When using LUCS default settings, any other status other than "Online" may remove the agent from the pool of selectable targets. However, exceptions can be made within the configuration on a "per-Agent" basis, allowing individual Agent to be still selectable when "Busy"

Vice versa, the Agent may appear as "Busy", but also with a custom presence state selected, and specify a configured "Not Ready Reason" (NRR) alongside within Agent Assistant. We therefore recommend checking twice before using this feature to override the presence state of your Agents.

All agents with RBAC access to Frontend or Agent Assist can select their assigned Duty Profiles within the Frontend. This will directly impact their SfB presence and reflect in the Frontend Widgets . 

RONA State

A "RONA" (Redirect on no Answer) state is automatically applied to any Agent that missed or declined, setting that Agent's presence state to 'Away'. By default LUCS will continue to select the next available Agent instead. During RONA an Agent is not considered for the call distribution until the state is reset.

RONA state reset and how it is reflected in SfB

Reset RONA State

Any Supervisor in the same Organization Units (Service) as the Agent is able to reset this state resulting in the Agent receiving calls again. It can be done on clicking 'Reset RONA' button ( ) in actions menu. The actions menu is available on clicking the agent row in the 'Agent States' or 'Agent Dimensions' widget.
Upon clicking this button, a confirmation pop-up with 'Are you sure you want to reset RONA?' message appears. If the Supervisor clicks 'OK', then RONA is reset. If user clicks 'Cancel', then RONA is still set to the corresponding Agent.

(info) Agents can also reset their RONA State via Agent Assistant.