The 'Best Ranking Inbound Services' widget displays the best-performing services to in one widget. It is available to supervisors.

The widget has the following contents



The position of service in rank

Records in widget are ordered by:

  1. Reachability. Higher percentage, higher ranked
  2. Service level (SLA). Higher percentage, higher ranked
  3. Alphabetically (if Reachability and Service level are the same)


Service Name.


Organization Name, which the corresponding service is related to.

Lost Since 00:00

The number of calls that have been lost in queue since 00:00 (midnight) today.


Shows the quantity of calls that were handled from the total received calls of corresponding service.

Handled calls are calls accepted by the Agent.


Field is calculated in the following way:

Accepted 00:00/ (Accepted 00:00+Lost Since 00:00)*100

Service Level Today

Shows the quantity of calls that were made today (since 00:00) in SLA.

(info) SLA value is a time from starting of the call queue time. A call is in SLA if it was accepted within set value.