The ‘Inbound Service Statistics Today Column Chart’ shows current-day service statistics as a column chart.

(lightbulb) Using the widget, a supervisor can see the progression of the lost and accepted calls during a day, consider trends and react accordingly.

'Inbound Service Statistics Today Column Chart’ widget in customized mode

Default Widget Controls:



Default Information

By default the first defined service is displayed for users with Supervisor permissions

Time Interval

The Time Interval displayed can be changed via the ‘Properties’ panel of the  corresponding widget ‘Settings’ pop-up.

Update Interval

30 seconds

Configurable ‘Inbound Service Statistic Today Column Chart’ widget settings:

Control Name



Number of conversations


Time of today with division of 15 minutes.

(info) Displays values from 7 am to 7 pm. If there is data from earlier or later time point, the x-axis extends.

Chart data

The chart data displays the conversations as columns for each 15 min.

  • Green color is used for accepted conversations.
  • Red color is used for lost conversations.