LUCS comes equipped with reporting capabilities, directly accessible directly via the front end interface. Supervisors and Administrators can access either 

About Web Reporting

  • To use this feature, supervisors need to be given the corresponding 'Reporting Portal' rights via Role based access. This configuration can be done via the LUCS Configurator App or the Webconfigurator.
  • Only Inbound Service Tasks participate in the calculations of the Reporting Portal. Outbound or direct calls to Agents are not included. 

Accessing Reporting

With full rights given, supervisors will see a "Reporting" entry with 3 sub-options: 

  • Overview - Provides a comparative KPI overview over all services
  • Service - Allows for indivdual service historic performance inspection
  • Customer Journey - Detailed path walkthrough for incoming calls. 

Reporting in LUCS Frontend