The Service Overview’ page provides a supervisor with detailed information about each individually selected service. The page be accessed via main menu or by clicking any service on ‘Favorites’ or ‘Comparison’ widgets on the ‘Overview’ page.

Web Reporting - Service Overview Page

Search for Services

Any supervisor is able to search for services within the contact center by its service name (as defined in configuration). 

(lightbulb) The search works according to the ‘contains’ rule, so service names are found as you type.

View Mode and Filter criteria

Using the view controls at the top you can narrow down the options in the performance section. 

(lightbulb) All options can be combined, e.g. to compare weekly statistics between this and previous month.

Range Filter

Allows to define a custom date range. 

(lightbulb) Used in conjunction with the other view options


Allows to narrow down the view to: 

  • Hour - 24h metrics
  • Day - 31 Calendar days in comparison
  • Weekday - Comparing weekdays 
  • Single - shows only current view (1 date selector)
  • Compare - compares two dates (date range selector)


The ‘Performance’ section shows values for a chosen time period:  

  • Performance KPI’s on the left side of the ‘Performance widget’ contain values  (in green or red) for your chosen period. 
  • The comparison period (for reference) is shown in gray color. 
  • Arrows and the colors indicate if a value is comparatively improving or getting worse (in tendency to same time of day over the chosen performance timespan). If the KPI value of current and compared period are the same, the color is grey

Service Overview - Performance Section

The widget shows the following metrics

  • Ø Connected Time: If average value going up -> red and down arrow
  • Ø Inbound Speed of Answer: If average value going up -> red and down arrow
  • Ø Inbound Hangup in Queue Time: If average value going up -> green and up arrow
  • Σ Customer Hangup in Queue: If value is going up -> red and down arrow

The ‘Performance widget’ also shows a chart with metric values for chosen period (in bright colors) and comparison period (in light colors).


The ‘Heatmap’ widget shows conversations of the chosen service grouped by day and time. Conversations are divided into:

  • Handled (green)COUNT (Inbound Service Tasks with Group Task Result “HandledByUser” and “HandledByMachine”)
  • Hangup (red)COUNT (Inbound Service Tasks with Group Task Result “CustomerHangup”)

UI ElementDescription


WeekdayThe current day is displayed in the bottom of the chart. The days of the previous week are displayed above it.

(info) The y-axis rolls everyday up, so that a new day is shown in the bottom.


Working hours. If there is a conversation outside these hours, it displays these columns (and following/preceding empty ones if any) as well.


Allows to switch the compared modality between Calls and Instant Messages


Scope. Allows to extend the range of the heatmap data.

Defining Favorites

The ‘Favorites’ widget allows to choose 1-4 favorite metrics that will be shown for the chosen service. The chosen period is shown in the widget header.

Web Reporting - Service Overview Favorites


Services and information about them are shown as tiles. Each tile shows:

  • KPI name
  • KPI value for chosen period
  • KPI value for comparison period (in grey)
  • Colors indicate comparative tendency.


To open the settings of the widget, click on ‘Settings’ button

 and choose between the following values:


Period /
Comparison Period:

(lightbulb) Think of this as: Current VS Past

Allows for a Relative / Absolute date to be specified for comparison. The following rules apply: 

  • The comparison period start time must be in the historical past of the current period
  • Timespans must be comparable (e.g. "yesterday" as relative date can have a "1 day" absolute interval to match).


The list of KPI that may be chosen for the selected Service.

(lightbulb) All KPI use the same period

Print Report

You can print the report using the ‘Print’ button. 

(info) Printouts are officially supported for the Chrome browser.