Goal: How to use External Web Request Activity in Workflow Instances
Complexity: Medium

  • Service, Agents with corresponding traits are configured to receive calls.
  • Workflow instance like shown below is created and correctly configured (except External Web Request part).
  • Parameters are configured to save Conversation state and conversation ID

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Use Case Description

A customer wants to track conversation history in his CRM Application by sending and receiving Service task data from LUCS system to his CRM Web-Application.
This can be achieved by using the External Web Request Activity in the configured Workflow instance.

  1. Input Customer Activity: Let the customer enter his customer ID.
  2. External Web Request Activity: Create a conversation entry in his CRM system, validate the customer ID and receive back a conversation ID.
    • If the customer ID can be validated successfully assign the conversation to the customer profile.
    • Otherwise let the Agent select the right customer profile later in the process.
  3. Send Agent Request Start trying to reach an available agent and regularly check the status of the request so that a call can be routed according to the current situation. 
  4. Check Agent Request StatusIf the maximum request time is reached the customer is informed that all Agents are busy.
  5. External Web Request Activity: Close the conversation entry in the CRM system and change status to "Closed because all Agents have been busy".

(tick) Result: When the CRM Web Application is opened the conversation is already assigned to the right customer profile and the Agent can immediately see all customer information and contracts/products the customer is using. 

UCIDUC  LUCS Application 033