The use of 'Presence States' allows you map custom activities to up to four presence states used in either Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. 

These "rich" presence states and their activities are used for configuration of custom reason types (NRR - Not Ready Reasons). Agents can later pick them from within using the Agent Assistant client application.

The configuration consists of the following parts:

  1. Create Custom 'Presence States' (as explained on this page)
  2. Configuring Presence States for not ready reasons on 'Reason Types' page. (→ see example screenshot below)
  3. Define list of not ready reasons for Organization Units.

Why use Presence States?

(lightbulb) Usage of this feature is completely optional. However, it allows for a more diversified status identification of your agents and also extends reporting capabilities to by further breaking down the busy-activities of your agents. 

WebConfigurator - Usage of Presence States in NRR (Reason Types)

Presence State Definition

The 'Presence States' page is accessible on Settings -> Agents section -> Presence States

To add a new presence state, click '+ Add' button and fill the settings. 

By clicking a specific Presence State entry in the list you can edit its details:

WebConfigurator - Presence States

Presence State contains the following settings:

Control Name


Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit to which the presence state will be assigned.


List of pre-defined SfB states:

  • Away

  • Temporarily Away

  • Busy

  • Do Not Disturb


Name of custom activity that can be connected to desirable availability. One availability can be selected for a few activities.

Delete Presence State

To delete the existing state, choose the appropriate activity and click 'Delete' button.

If the state is assigned to an NRR Reason Type, it cannot be deleted. The delete button tooltip will show the related reason type using this state.