A 'reason type' - also called 'Away Reason' or 'NotReadyReason' (NRR) in LUCS is an indicator which the agent uses to signal his presence state.  Typical SfB equivalents are 'Away', 'Busy' or 'Do not disturb'. A reason also signals to LUCS that the Agent is not ready to execute contact center tasks (answer calls, mails, etc.) which is also tracked as "Not selectable" by the system. 

(lightbulb) LUCS also differentiates by "Reason Type" e.g. for reporting or other statistics.

(lightbulb)By specifying "Reason Types" and (optionally) diversifying per Organization unit you can request agents to state the NRR in their Agent Assistant application every time their presence state changes to a "not selectable" one.

The 'Reason Types' page is accessible on Settings -> Agents section -> Reason Types. 

Within this page, NRRs specifics can be fully customized and mapped to a SfB presence state. However, several NRRs are defined on system level as a default and cannot be deleted:

  • Dienstschluss / Off-Work
  • After Call Work
  • Pause
  • Sonderarbeit / Special Duty
  • NotReady

(info) Some entries may not be shown in the "Reason Types" panel as they should not be changed nor accessed.

To create a new reason type, click '+ Add' button and fill it's settings. You can also edit existing reasons by clicking on any NRR list item.

WebConfigurator - Reason Types (NRR)

The "Reason Type" panel contains the following settings:

Control Name



A unique Reason Type name. You may not re-use any predefined reasons or mirror existing names.

Organization Unit

Select Organization Unit to which the reason type will be assigned.

Time Threshold for coloring

A reason type can be colored differently after the specified time on the web frontend. (e.g. after 12 minutes 'Not Ready' becomes red - or any value defined in "Color" - because the agent was too long in this status).

(lightbulb) This setting will not affect the SfB status colors


Select the color the NRRs will get on web frontend after the 'Time threshold for coloring' is reached.

Presence State

Presence State drop down contains standard SfB states like 'away', 'temporarily away', 'busy', 'do not disturb'

(info) Custom states can be created on via Settings -> Agents section -> Presence States.

(question) What is the Default-column? 

This check box is disabled and just for indication purposes. There is one default NRR per system which cannot be assigned to any organization unit.

(lightbulb)  You may change the name for this reason, but not delete it.

Delete Reason Type

To delete an existing reason type, select it in the list of reason types and click 'Delete' button.

If any organization unit is currently using the reason type, the 'Delete' button is disabled. Hover over the 'Delete" button and see the dependencies.

(tick) Before being able to delete these 'Reason Types' you need to remove them from the organization unit ("Set Not Ready Reasons") first.

Assignment of Reason Types (Not Ready Reasons)

(info) The assignment of Reason Types is made during the configuration of the Organization Units.